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The application and hiring process


The recruiting process starts with your application. Browse through the open positions below. When you're ready, click apply and complere the entire profile process, if you haven't done so already. You will receive an email confirmation if you successfuly applied for the position(s). Your resume and prifile can now be viewed for consideration by our HR and the Program Management team.


The recruitment team will reach out to the applicants if there is a current match for the position. You can always check your email or text messages for the status of positions you have applied. If a position is no longer available you should receive an email; however if you do not, you can always search for the requisition status below.


Most of our interviews for line positions are done via phone or via video conference. Be sure to test your provided web link prior to your scheduled interview. For onsite interviews, please arrive 10 to 15 minutes early to allow enough time to register as a visitor if interviewing at a government or cleared office. -If you are interviewing with a government client, prime contractor PM, or a Railhead executive, be sure to research them on LinkedIn or by asking your recruiter. -Review the provided job description and be able to speak to your key strengths relevant to the job. -Be prepared to discuss anything listed in your resume. -Prepare answers to relevant interview questions.


Final decisions are a collaborative effort based upon interview team or recruiter feedback. There may be a slight delay in receiving feedback depending on the number of candidates being considered, and feedback from government personnel. Prior to an offer, a background check and security verificaion will be conducted. You will be contacted by your recruiter for next steps.

The Offer

To start the offer process, your recruiter will call you with the offer details and next steps. You will need to formally accept the formal offer or contingent letter of intent. Joining Railhead is a breez; we'll walk you through the all the onboarding steps. It's really simple because it's all electronic!

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